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The Ramanujan Project 

Since 2015, created and has funded an annual scholarship programme for exceptionally talented young pre-university mathematicians in India. The application includes a challenging problem set, and finalists are interviewed by research mathematicians who are PROMYS alumni. The Ramanujan Project is creating a pipeline to enable some of the most gifted young mathematicians in India to gain the depth of mathematical understanding and research experience available to participants in the top mathematics summer programme in the United States while expanding their educational and career network and horizons.


Apply between Jan - April 15 of each year here.

This project is inspired by the idea of finding the next Srinivasa Ramanujan(s): the Indian mathematical genius who rose from poverty and disadvantage a century ago to worldwide acclaim and make lasting contributions to the field of mathematics.

These summer scholarships will create unique educational opportunities in the US for today’s mathematical prodigies in India. “We want to identify the most gifted young mathematicians in India to help cultivate them and create opportunities for them to flourish and contribute, through a merit-based process and demonstrated need,” according to Phalgun Raju, Chairman of Morph.Org.

“Our vision in creating these fellowships is to build toward expanding to other emerging markets, finding the most talented young mathematicians where they live, and creating an outstanding group of alumni who may become tomorrow’s leaders of scientific research at the highest levels,” said Nicholas Nash, who envisioned The Ramanujan Project and is the Co-founder of has partnered with PROMYS at Boston University, one of the most respected pre-university mathematics summer programmes in the United States. Each offers an intensive 6-week summer immersion in mathematics, with admission decisions based solely on mathematical ability through an online admissions process that includes a challenging problem set.

Under this new scholarship programme, called the Tara and Jasubhai Mehta Fellowships, Morph.Org and the Indira Foundation will co-fund the full costs of travel, tuition, and living expenses for six weeks for students in India each year with demonstrated financial need.

“Over more than a quarter century, we have provided an environment in which exceptionally talented young people from all over the world develop mathematical habits of mind that support independence and creativity in facing unfamiliar mathematical challenges. We welcome this opportunity to work with our friends at to develop a network of awareness and a pipeline of opportunity for the most mathematically talented low-income secondary school students in India,” said Glenn Stevens, Director of the PROMYS programme..

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